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Hear no good or evil, Speak no good or evil

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I left my email address at the Children’s desk for a reply to a question about a book. The librarian had the answer, but I could not get it from her via email, I had to walk in to get it.

I asked whether the Library would make its Oculus-donated Virtual Reality gear available for patron use outside the absurdly restricted hours of 3:30 to 5 PM Fridays (and only when chaperoned by donated UCB student labor.) Again, I left contact information, but no response. Consider the issue ducked.

I leave comments in the suggestion box with an email address for a response, but have never, ever, ever gotten a response.

I leave comments at the BPL website via their “Suggestions and Comments” box, but again, never get a response.

I left my contact information for staff regarding a course I suggested offering to the public at Central, but again, no response.

This is malfeasant performance, and especially if there is a policy in place prohibiting staff contacting patrons, is grounds for the removal of whoever imposed, and whoever maintains, the policy.

The opposite behavior is indicated: the library should be directed to answer all patron inquiries, and via the means the patrons provide – email, if preferred; telephone, if preferred; surface mail, if preferred. There is no valid excuse to do otherwise.

Visible Misdirection Two-step

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Looking for a book on Go, get a reference to 794.2 C435g. Since I’m on the first floor and I recall that the 800s are there, I walk over, and the sign on the end of the bookshelf loudly says

600 – 899

So I’m there, right? Wrong. I turn the corner and see a book 808 in what ought to be a wrong place. I then step back to the start of the shelf and see low 600s. So I scan to where 700 should be and I finally see a divider (a binder) with the label

700 – 799 on 5th floor

Well, (don’t) thank the shelf-end label. It obviously should have read

600 – 699
800 – 899
700 – 799 on 5th floor

because the shelf did not contain “600-899”, as anyone reading that label would infer. The shelf-end label was a misdirection. It is trivially easily correctable.

Recovering from the 2015-2017 mass discard of titles

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Presuming the titles & info were kept, of those things discarded for the “open space” project, then even if the same objects cannot be retrieved, replacement copies should be requested, yes at the library’s expense (thus revealing it was a COSTLY mistake), of as many titles as the public indicates wanting back, so Studs Terkel’s autobiography, for just one example, must be restored to the collection.