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Recovering from the 2015-2017 mass discard of titles

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Presuming the titles & info were kept, of those things discarded for the “open space” project, then even if the same objects cannot be retrieved, replacement copies should be requested, yes at the library’s expense (thus revealing it was a COSTLY mistake), of as many titles as the public indicates wanting back, so Studs Terkel’s autobiography, for just one example, must be restored to the collection.

Natsume Sōseki:
forever misfiled and unfindable …

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The Japanese author (English-syntax-named) “Natsume Sōseki” is being wrongly shelved as if his (English-syntax) name was “Sōseki Natsume”. The catalog reports the author correctly, but the author’s books cannot be found where they belong, and only intuitively did I guess the author had been misfiled under his first name or I would never have found the books. If I were to put a hold on a title I bet the staff would not know how to find his books, either.

I have complained about this three times. I have been told that the library uses a 3rd party service to supply call tags for the books. Fine, but the tags are wrong and I explained to BPL that their job is to get their supplier to fix the problem (and note that fixing the problem fixes it for every library that uses the same service.)

The floor people are not doing their job to refer the issue to the correct people within BPL,
those people are not doing their job to refer the issue to the tagging company,
the tagging company is not acting on corrections submitted by BPL, and by the way, just anyone in the world can verify on Wikipedia that an English Language speaker would name the author as “first name Natsume, last name Sōseki”. It is not a “matter of interpretation”. Jun’ichiro Tanizaki is not misfiled; Haruki Murakami is not misfiled; Shusako Endo is not misfiled. Only Natsume Sōseki is misfiled.

is that it appears that nobody will take responsibility, the author remains misfiled on BPL’s shelves, and everyone who uses the tagging service is misfiling that author in the same way. Now, you’d think that it would be a point of pride for a library to get an author’s name right and file the author properly, but since nobody at BPL will accept responsibility, it seems BPL is content to ignore their manifest appearance of illiteracy — for the sake of being lazy, or due once again to the systemic failure to delegate and failure to designate a finally responsible party. This is mismanagement and lack of accountability and the public is disserved while all the staff at BPL and the tagging company are free to pretend that nothing is amiss. All the staff I have spent time talking to about this never took it upon themselves to record the problem and forward it to anyone at BPL who would undertake to solve it; instead, they remanded the problem to me, expecting me to seek out the correct persons at BPL to address the issue to — and note, I have complained about the issue via the “Suggestions and Comments box” and nothing was done nor was my complaint acknowledged. That is just bogus. See about fixing this nonresponsiveness.

If the problem died at the tagging service then BPL should indicate it will change tagging services. You do not keep rewarding people who refuse to do the jobs they are stated to have. If you were obliged somehow to keep using that tagging service, then embarrass them for refusing to do their job properly and by the way, since BPL has admitted that this author is misfiled, and they pretend helplessness at solving the issue, you’d think that the least someone at BPL would do is put a note where author “Sōseki” should be found, saying <<please find “Sōseki” under “Natsume” due to circumstances beyond our control.>> And they won’t even do that much.

The Main Elevator
does not tell you what floor you’re on

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Inside the main (West) elevator, the LED display of the current floor is blank. Apparently the LED controller has failed. The problem has been outstanding since at least mid-December 2016 despite having been reported to the library by at least three patrons about a dozen times in all.

This causes problems because if a passenger enters on the 5th floor and presses the button for the 1st floor, if the elevator door opens, the assumption is that the 1st floor has been reached, even if what actually happened was the elevator stopped at the 2nd floor for a new passenger, and I have, and have observed other people, exit the elevator thinking we’ve reached our destination, only to find ourselves on the wrong floor.