Hear no good or evil, Speak no good or evil

I left my email address at the Children’s desk for a reply to a question about a book. The librarian had the answer, but I could not get it from her via email, I had to walk in to get it.

I asked whether the Library would make its Oculus-donated Virtual Reality gear available for patron use outside the absurdly restricted hours of 3:30 to 5 PM Fridays (and only when chaperoned by donated UCB student labor.) Again, I left contact information, but no response. Consider the issue ducked.

I leave comments in the suggestion box with an email address for a response, but have never, ever, ever gotten a response.

I leave comments at the BPL website via their “Suggestions and Comments” box, but again, never get a response.

I left my contact information for staff regarding a course I suggested offering to the public at Central, but again, no response.

This is malfeasant performance, and especially if there is a policy in place prohibiting staff contacting patrons, is grounds for the removal of whoever imposed, and whoever maintains, the policy.

The opposite behavior is indicated: the library should be directed to answer all patron inquiries, and via the means the patrons provide – email, if preferred; telephone, if preferred; surface mail, if preferred. There is no valid excuse to do otherwise.

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