Can’t get there from here: can’t place a Hold on individual numbered titles

{This appears to be incorrect, but the complaint translates to “it is not clear how one does the operation” instead of “one cannot do the operation.”}

When you do a search that ends up with multiple volumes, or items, in a series, the dialog box that shows you the multiple titles won’t let you interact with a specific volume, and you end up not being able to place a hold on a specific volume of interest.

Example: look for DVDs for the series “Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water”. You might find a major listing for volume 4 (of 5 volumes.) Try to put a hold on volume 1: but volume 1 is not separately listed in the catalog! So go back to the volume 4 entry, and there is a “see all” at bottom right. Click the link, and sure enough, volume 1 is listed – but there is no way to select the item to put a hold on it, and rather than being able to use the computer to request the hold, you’re forced to involve a staffer.

Figure this error affects every title with multiple volumes when the individual volumes are not separately listed – and that is likely the case for many multi-volume titles.

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