Interactus Interruptus

I check out a DVD to watch. It turns out that a former borrower has damaged the DVD so that it will not play to conclusion.
The Library has equipment that can clean and restore CDs/DVDs, but you cannot check a DVD out, find it is damaged, hand it to them to be fixed (process takes a few minutes), and take it back home to watch. Instead, you have to check it back in first. But then you have to go find it in the stacks again and borrow it again.

So the only way to be able to watch the fixed disk, is to return the item, and then place a hold on it.

A staffer told me that the front-desk people cannot take the disk in the back, use the machine to fix it, and return it to the patron, because that takes that person away from the help desk. Help desk people have to go in the back (step away) for other reasons, so I’m not sure this objection is valid; but if so, then there should be a consolidated process for dealing with this (common) situation, which is to take the DVD from the patron and requeue it then as a hold, so that once fixed, the DVD is returned to the patron whose viewing was interrupted.

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