Explain things

The East elevator will not take you to the 4th floor. There is a button for the 4th floor, but it does nothing.

I asked a staffer why this was, and they said the 4th floor was the children’s floor and that the East elevator would not stop there for security reasons; apparently the area near the elevator cannot be watched, and whether the concern is for abductions or for children wandering away via the elevator, I don’t know. I’ll grant that the concern is valid, but then:

Instead of leaving people to wonder why the East elevator 4th floor button isn’t working, why not just tell people, so they get it immediately? Put a notice in the elevator near the buttons which says

4th floor access is restricted for security reasons

and then nobody will be confused about the elevator’s behavior. I had assumed the elevator was broken, but it’s not. Such a notice would have helped.

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