Breathtaking Sunsets seen from the 5th floor

From the Fifth floor of the library one sees a great view of the Bay and of sunsets.
I propose that a camera be attached to the outside wall of the library to capture this view, and when the 5th floor staff sees a glorious sunset, they can click some link in their computer system that will display the sunset on the large monitors on the 1st floor as one of the rotated frames (and for fun, the sunsets could be digitally archived for replay and made available for public viewing.) Alternatively, the view can just be made permanently available on the library website as one of the things the user can select to see.

The camera should capture the view between the two tall segments of the apartment building, and exclude as much of the apartment building as possible from the frame, so the lens should be slightly telescopic. Once the view has been selected, it needn’t be changed. Cleaning the lens can be added to the monthly maintenance cycle, the camera can be made easily accessible to someone on the roof.

A toy idea, but they do get some breathtaking sunsets there.

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