All AudioVisual content will be lost unless …

The public is a slob and a vandal. People leave grease and marks on CDs/DVDs/vinyls. They scratch them. The items are rendered partially or totally useless for all later patron accesses.

I told the audio people on floor 5, and I insist this is true and actionable as I state it: whatever IPR legalese notwithstanding, if the library purchased a physical copy of title T, then the library is authorized to copy the content of T as a digital image, such that if the original physical disk or album is damaged, the library can cut a new copy of T (albums => CDs), so the investment in obtaining the original copy is kept good.

Note: I never said the library would ever offer these image copies to the public. They are only used to restore damaged units. We paid for them, so the IPR people who complain that the library must keep buying new physical copies can go to hell, this use is special, the items are being put into a domain where they will get rough handling; we bought the original; and there will only ever be on the shelves, as many copies of the content, as physical disks we bought, so the IPR people are having their rights respected and can shut up.

The audio staff said “oh we couldn’t do that”, but yes the library could if the Director would consult the city’s attorney, and then the project would be to insure the library had digital copies of everything, to protect their investment, and so that anyone could borrow and air a cataloged title, even if the last borrower ruined the former copy of it. Fair Use is Fair Use. As things stand, over time the pubic will damage 100% of the library’s CD/DVD(/vinyl) holdings.

Not Acceptable.

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